Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wow's I have been busy..

Hey all sorry it has been so long since I have been on.. My Dad came home for a visit. That was great. I had so much fun. Dad really likes Remington they get a long great. My little brother Fatty bear found a great new home. We miss him. He is spoiled rotten and has a new brother and sister they are both westies. My Dad's Uncle took him home. It made Mom and the kids sad but we are only allowed dog's where we live. Mom was just super happy that he is going to loved there as much as at home. Me and Remington are having a great time here at Grandma's house. Remi has gotten really big.. He is a good brother. We have a lot of fun running around the yard and wrestling. Remi learned to shake and lay down. He hates to ride in the car though. I hope that Santa thinks we have been good this year I need a new toy car to chase and Remi would like a bigger kennel.. He is a big boy! Peanut is still bigger though. Well I hope you all have a great Christmas!!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Back in Michigan

Bow wow everyone. Jackson here. We made it to Grammy's house. It was a good trip took us 2 day's of driving and we were all on our best behavior. It is so much fun to be here with my best friend Kipper. Fatty bear got his hair cut a little so he can see now. He looks pretty spiffy.. Remi and Fatty bear both like Grandma's house and we love her tomato plant.. Yummy!!! Grammy has these little yellow pear tomatoes that she planted in her flower bed and we have all been snacking on them. My Mom has had the flu and so we haven't went on a walk yet. That's ok I have just been having a lot of fun playing and running in the yard. I stay outside almost all day until it's time to come in for bed. It's just so much fun to run. And play with my buddy Kipper again. Fatty Bear Remi is a lazy boy and likes to soak up the sun on the porch. He sleeps in the padded lawn chair. He doesn't stay out as much as I like to. He likes to be close to Mom. Fatty Bear and I are having fun running and wrestling. Well It's bed time. Our boy's have to catch the bus at 6:00 for school so early bed times here. I like to go to bed with them so I better get in there. Good night all.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

It's my birthday

Hey all Jackson here. Today was my first birthday. Mom got me a new bone and I didn't have to share it with anyone. My brothers played outside with my kids a lot today so I got to just hang out and relax and chew my bone. It was great. I am almost ready to go to my Grammy's I am getting excited because Mom has been packing and I know that means I get to go for a ride. Mom is packing up my toy's and getting us all ready to go. My little brother Remi has been going on some short practice rides. He got a little car sick. Mom really hopes that he doesn't barf the whole way home. Me to YUCK.. I did that once. Luckily this time we were just pulling in the drive so Mom got him out of the van quick enough. Well it is time for us all to go to bed. Tomorrow is my kids last day of school here. They are excited. I hate to tell them that they will be going back as soon as we get to Grammy's house. I can't wait to help put them on the bus every morning.
Hope you all had a good weekend!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I ate my harness whoops!!

Jackson here. I have been working on this project slowly for awhile now. When I get bored I like to chew on my harness and see if I can get it off. Well I finally did it!! It took me about 6 months but I did it. And now I have to wear my little brothers hand me down one. That's right Mom put the baby's harness on me and he is getting a new one. Just because he is out growing everything doesn't mean I should have to wear his. He wore it for 2 weeks after all. She was a little disgusted that I ate mine. I have to wear it because I made this tunnel under our fence and can slip right out. Mom keeps filling it in but I like to just dig it right back out. Fatty bear likes to dig in it to. He is a really good digger. It is a lot of fun for us to dig in that together. I don't think that Mom likes filling it in to much. I usually get dirty looks from her the entire time. And scolded about digging. Fatty bear was a good boy again today. And so was Remi. He got to go for a car ride. Lucky guy. He is practicing for the long trip home to Grandma's house. I can't wait only 6 more day's until I can play with Kipper again. Well I better get started on making sure all my toy's and bones are ready to do.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Faty bear was a good boy today.

We can hardly believe it because Fatty Bear was a good boy today. He helped Mom clean out her car and stayed in the yard. We were all good boy's today. Remi and I got to watch Speed Racer with Mom and the kids. It was a good movie. I liked the cars going fast. I love cars! I like to play with them would love to chase them but Mom won't let me. She says I will get turned into a pancake. I don't know what's so bad about that I love pancakes. But she seems to get all worried about them when it comes to me and cars. I like to play with hot wheels and race cars I love the ones you shake up and they go for you. I can pick them up in my mouth and shake em up so I can chase them. I am hoping that Santa will bring me a new one for Christmas. I forgot mine outside. The rain ruined it. Mom cleaned our car all out today. Only a few more days and I can play with my buddy Kipper again. I can't wait. We are gonna run around like little maniacs. Remi is going to love my grandma and Grandpa they are really nice and Grandpa let's us all sleep on his lap in his chair. Grandpa also gives us Lot's of treats. He likes popcorn a lot and so do I. We sit and wait and he tosses us popcorn. It will be a long ride for all of us but I am excited about it. Well time for bed. I am going to dream about chasing those cars. And maybe about some pancakes. YUMMY!!
Good night all

Monday, September 22, 2008

I learned how to sit

Hi all Remi here
I am getting to be a big boy. I learned how to sit. And I love Milk bones. Everytime I go potty I seem to get one so I think I am gonna do that outside. And when Mom say's sit she seems to pull one out so I am gonna do that to. Fatty got in trouble again today. He flooded the kitchen. He likes to play in the automatic water dish. And then he peed on my Mom's pillow. My kids had it on the floor laying on it doing home work. You guessed it. He is in his kennel. Got sent to bed early. And Mom said he can keep the pillow now. She washed it but he gets to keep it still. He is so funny but always finding mischief. Jackson and I played tug of war tonight for a while and then both passed out with our little girl on the couch. She rubs my belly and I can't resist it I just go right to sleep. She is so cute and gives me lot's of hugs and kisses. And treats. She is my little buddy. My little brown eyed boy helped work on my tricks tonight. Him and Mom played out side with me after school. We played a game that must be called sit and stay. The sit is ok but what the heck is stay? I think I will find out soon. Probably tomorrow. I better get to bed. The kids have to get up early for school and I like to walk them to the bus stop sometimes. So I better get back to snuggling with my little girl.
See you all soon.
your little friend Remington

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Fatty bears sister is really naughty!!

Hey all Jackson here,

Wow we had quite a morning here. I went out to go potty like usual and Fatty bears sister Cocoa came over to play. She slips under our fence. When my little girl let me back in cocoa came running in our house jumped up on my couch and pooped. All over my couch. I said hey I sleep there ya know. Then she jumped down and trailed poop all over my mom's laundry she was folding in the basket and all over my carpet. Needless to say Mom took her right home. And told her people she had been a naughty little girl. what a mess. I am mad now because I have to watch Mom clean up now and she has to go to the laundry mat so I will have to go in my kennel. Thanks a lot Cocoa.. My kids camped out in our living room last night so you guessed it. Poopy blankets. Mom said we may as well take them to the laundry mat and put them all in the big washer and get it over with. YUCK.. I don't like to have to hang out in my kennel. My Mom needs to find a way to keep her from sneaking into my house. I don't like it. She even tried to eat my breakfast. And she is so little that it's hard to catch her. Darn girls! I am so glad I have brothers. I bark at her and bark at her and she pays no attention to me. I am glad I am going back to my Grandma's house pretty soon until my Dad comes home. My friend Kipper never poops on the couch. And we can play all day in the yard. Mom said I can take all my toy's and my bed. I am so excited.. I can't wait to run around like a crazy dog.. Well Mom said It's time to go so I have to kennel up. See you all soon.

P.S. I don't blame peanut for wanting to eat that Mojo if he is anything like that Cocoa..